Nature-based Solutions on existing infrastructures for resilient Water Management in the Mediterranean

Catalogue & Guidelines

FWC-NbS Catalogue

A quadruple-bottom-line performance of the implemented FWC-NbS, building on NbS diagnosis, FWC-NbS implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation, will be analysed and validated using the IUCN Global Standard. FWC-NbS validation will help governments, businesses and civil society ensure their effectiveness and maximize their potential to help address climate change, biodiversity loss, and other social challenges on a global scale. Experts and consultants possessing the Professional Certificate on IUCN GS will guide the validation process. It will result in a catalogue intended for technical professional that compilates the NATMed solutions, defining the design, challenges and lessons learned in terms of implementation and impact achieved. NATMed will be involved in EU standardization initiatives such as Task Group on Nature-Based Solutions standardization to support the validation of the project FWC-NbS catalogue.



FWC-NBS Guidelines

Methodological guidelines will be distilled regarding best practices in governance, social innovation and entrepreneurship, which will be framed as a reference document of FWC-NbS that help the replication of these actions in different climate scenarios with different needs. The guidelines will contain environmental, implementation, policy and socio-economic information, all with a suitable design, terminology and language to be useful for both professionals and business incubator managers and other stakeholders who need to gain competencies in FWC-NbS. FWC-NbS guidelines will follow the IWRM approach to promote efficient, equitable and sustainable development and management of the world’s limited water resources and for coping with conflicting demands.