Nature-based Solutions on existing infrastructures for resilient Water Management in the Mediterranean

2nd MEdCoP co-design session, Amyntaio, Florina, Greece, 29 February 2024 – Case study 2

Tero and KEPE organised the 2nd MedCoP co-design session in the Municipality of Amyntaio, Florina, Greece aiming to inform local stakeholders about the progress of #NATMed project and design the Full Water Cycle Nature-based Solutions (FWC-NbS) in the Greek case study area.

The session gave the attendees the opportunity to discuss the Strengths, Opportunities, Aspirations and Results (SOAR co-design tool) of the proposed Nature-based Solutions in the Lake system Chimaditita, notably conservation and restoration of the lake using controlled livestock grazing and riparian buffers. Main points were to ensure that a common vision behind FWC-NbS was shared among all participants and aligned with local requirements and expectations, identify strengths and weaknesses of potential FWC-NbS and use traditional area conservation practices in FWC-NbS design.