Nature-based Solutions on existing infrastructures for resilient Water Management in the Mediterranean

2nd MedCoP co-design session, Bozcaada Island, Turkey, 15-16 February 2024 – Case Study 4

Our partners , IZTECH, EGE universities, and DemirEnerji successfully conducted the 2nd  MedCoP meeting, held in Bozcaada on February 15 & 16, 2024.

The co-design session involved NATMED local stakeholders, including Bozcaada Municipality to create a common vision for designing nature-based solutions in Bozcaada.
During the meeting, the participants had the privilege of exploring their common vision to ensure environmental, social, and economic sustainability of Bozcaada and preserve its significant natural resources, particularly water, agriculture, and tourism, in order to enhance the quality of life for its residents.

The local perception in relation to identified solutions were integrated to respond to the specific challenges that hinder stakeholder’s vision by following five important steps:

  1. Technical Solutions
  2. Political Assessment
  3. Environmental Impacts
  4. Economic Aspects
  5. Natural & Cultural Heritage